The Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire, in an ongoing commitment to support our member dealers and the citizens of New Hampshire, has brought you Through this web site you can find information about oil heating, finding a dealer in your area, the latest regulatory news, tips on maintaining your heating equipment and much more.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire is to represent and be a resource to our members by monitoring and communicating pertinent information, regulatory actions and legislation at Federal, State and Municipal levels. To continue to identify and implement new programs, services and training that benefit the membership and the association. To communicate via public appearances and the media, informed responses to various heating and cooling industry situations and challenges affecting the consumer public. To keep the public informed regarding energy conservation, safety and environmental protection and the benefits of choosing to conduct business with an Association member company; and to diligently uphold our commitment to the citizens of New Hampshire, practicing business of the highest standard, both professionally and ethically.

Complete Guide to Residential Oil Heat

Our trained, professional Energy Conservation Technicians work every day to help consumers not just keep their heating and air conditioning systems running, but also to keep them running at peak efficiency to help them control their energy costs. When was the last time you took advantage of our Energy Conservation Technicians’ ability to reduce your energy consumption?