Benefits of Oil Heat

Learn about some of the advantages of oil heat.  Oil Heat is efficient, clean burning and safe.

10 great reasons why Oil Heat delivers the best home comfort!

  1. Oil heat is environmentally friendly.
  2. Oil dealers make house calls.
  3. Oil heat is safe.
  4. Our dealers know your heating habits.
  5. Our companies are reliable.
  6. Our dealers maintain your heating systems efficiently.
  7. Our dealers can help make your home as comfortable as you’d like.
  8. Oil heat is an excellent value, particularly vs. utility fuels.
  9.  Our dealers know you by name, not account number.
  10. For dependable, automatic heating and hot water, there’s nothing else that does the job in such a satisfying way as oil heat!

Oilheat plays an important role in New Hampshire, as a safe, efficient and reliable energy source. Over 59% of households in New Hampshire heat with oil.

What are some of the advantages of oil?


Modern oil equipment is typically 83 to 94 % efficient. New oil heat technology also generates heat and hot water faster than older systems with excellent heat transfer throughout your home.

Clean burning

The efficiency of new burners means that oil heat produces very little smoke and combustion discharge. Electric heat may produce no emissions at your home, but the power plants which make the electricity may produce significant amounts of combustion by-products.


While all the major sources of heat generation have excellent safety records, equipment malfunctions can occur. With oil, a leak in the supply line will not generate an explosion source. Heating oil is non-explosive. A match dropped into a pool of oil will simply go out. The same cannot be said of propane or natural gas.


Oil remains the best energy value with the lowest cost per BTU of any fuel.

Dependable Supply

Our dealers maintain oil storage facilities so they have the oil when you need it. Most also have multiple wholesale supply sources to help ensure uninterrupted distribution. Our dealers also offer automatic delivery options, so you can rest easier when it comes to oil supply.