Home Heating Oil Energy Audit

Welcome to the New Hampshire Oil Heat Council Home Energy Audit, a helpful guide to assessing how much energy your home consumes, and what you can so to conserve energy and lower your heating costs.

This audit, while pointing out many important tips and savings, is not a complete energy audit, because it can't examine all of your home's unique features. For a comprehensive in-home energy analysis contact your local New Hampshire Oil Heat Dealer.


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1. What year was your home built?
2. What is the conditioned floor area of your home?
3. What type of foundation does your home have?
4. How much attic floor or roof insulation do you have?
5. What type of windows does your home have?
6. Does your home have wall insulation?
7. Does your home have foundation or floor insulation?
8. How old is your furnace?