Homeowner’s Guide to Energy Services in New Hampshire

In 2018, New Hampshire joined its neighboring states in making the switch to ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil. As your resource for everything energy in our state, you can count on EMANH for the latest industry news, realtor and dealer directories, energy-saving tips, and more.

Heating with Oil in New Hampshire

Oil heat has been the top choice for homeowners in New Hampshire for decades. With its reputation for reliable heat output, safe operation, and budget-friendly pricing, it’s no surprise why residents across the state have chosen oil stay warm during the coldest winters. Today, oil heat continues to advance to meet the growing demands of consumers. Oil heat in New Hampshire burns cleaner than ever before and is compatible with the latest heating technology to provide greater energy and cost savings.

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Members of the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire represent the best oil dealers and HVAC providers in our state. Our members have access to training and information to help them provide the best service possible. EMANH members are in the know about the latest home comfort technologies and industry news. Most importantly, EMANH members are part of a thriving community that provides networking opportunities with fellow home comfort providers and associate members that work within our industry.


A Cleaner, Greener Fuel for New Hampshire

In 2018, New Hampshire will be joining its neighboring states in making the switch to ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil. ULS heating oil has only 15 parts per million sulfur content, compared to traditional heating oil’s 4,000 parts per million. Lower sulfur content in heating oil translates into a cleaner burn, which is better for the environment and the longevity of our heating systems. Learn more about what makes ULS heating oil great for oil consumers and New Hampshire here.

Along with this latest advancement, oil heat continues to provide consumers important advantages like…

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Oil Heat Rebates

New high-efficiency oil heating equipment can help you keep your home safe and warm, while delivering long-term savings benefits. High-efficiency oil boilers and furnaces operate more efficiently, have reduced risk of breakdowns, and cost less to run during cold New Hampshire winters.

Rebates are available to homeowners that upgrade to new oil heating equipment. You can save $300 on a new oil boiler or furnace and $200 on a new oil tank! Check out the Granite State Saves with Oil Rebate Program to see how you can earn these rebates.

Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire CLEAN OIL HEAT NH

Learn more about the benefits of oil heat and why homeowners in New Hampshire count on it to stay comfortable year after year. Cleanoilheatnh.com provides important information for New Hampshire residents about oil heat, heating system upgrades, the transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, fuel assistance, and more helpful resources.

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