Operation Helping Hands Donations

The Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire (EMANH) is accepting financial donations, as well as pledges for donated gallons of heating fuel, so that we can support veterans and active duty military members during the next winter season. EMANH and its members are going to provide support for those who have fought for our country if they need assistance with fuel in order to keep their house warm.

EMANH members can complete the form below to pledge dollars or gallons. If your pledge is of gallons of fuel, EMANH will gladly accept this pledge, and will reach out to your business when the time has come to fulfill that pledge for a veteran or active duty service member in your area. If the pledge is financial in nature, EMANH will gladly accept those funds and then will disburse them in order to fund fuel delivery or ancillary items (such as servicing boilers or HVAC systems) to a veteran or active duty service member.

For pledges of donated fuel, we recommend pledges in 150 gallon increments.

Please reference “Operation Helping Hands” for any check made out to the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire that will support this program.

Contact Cara Shirlock if you have questions. cara@EnergyMarketersAssociationNH.com

Download Donation Form